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Embark on a captivating journey
join us at the annual
Tucson 22nd St Show!

Visit our booth location at “ST-3” 
for a 
world of extraordinary crystals, minerals, fossils, and gifts for purchase!

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MRK Global Network Tucson LLC.

our Tucson Showroom Located at:

3151 E Drexel Road

Tucson AZ, 85706

Cell: (818) 800-3484

Office: (520) 372-2201



MRK Global Network LLC. is strictly Wholesale company for Gems, Minerals, Beads, Pearls, Jewelry & Gift Items.

MRK Global Network LLC. been established by Mr.K. (Abdel Khattab) The CEO & President of MRK Global Network LLC. in 2019

Mr.K. (Abdel Khattab) is in the Gemstone business for Over 50 Years. With our brokers in the USA we can produce all your needs of Gems & Minerals through their Partners Factories in China, Brazil & India 

We accept all special orders for Gems, Beads, Bracelets, Minerals & Jewelry and we protect your design. 

If You need to Create your own design in bulk, We are ready to to produce it for you through our brokers in the USA with one of their partners factories in China, Brazil & India.


Our Customers Satisfaction is number 1 Priority 

Free Shipping on orders $200 or more

Use Promo Code:SHIP100


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